• Employment Equity
    CHA Consulting will ensure you don't fall foul of legislation,
    by making sure your company meets the requirements of the
    Employment Equity act, enabling the ongoing growth and success
    of your business!
  • Outsourced Payroll Services
    Renumeration paid to staff is a complex administrative process.
    Income tax, Fringe benefits, Pension Contributions, Medical Aid,
    UIF and numerous calculations have to be considered. In addition,
    changing legislation adds to the complexity of managing your own payroll.
  • Financial Services
    To try and manage all the finances in your business is time consuming
    and takes your eye off the business of growing your business!
    Rather, outsource these activities to CHA Consulting. No more
    worrying about those onerous financial tasks!
  • Labour Broking
    EMS will find suitable candidates for temporary and permanent
    positions, as well as offering full outsourcing services and payroll
    solutions. Our services include recruitment of staff, contract
    employees, monitoring of staff and full payroll bureau.
  • Labour Consulting
    Following the correct disciplinary process every step of the way is
    essential if you want to win at the CCMA. CHA Consulting can help
    you follow the appropriate grievance and disciplinary procedures,
    give advice on IR issues and facilitate IR related negotiations.

CHA Consulting

CHA Consulting

HR Consulting Services
From full outsourced HR to simply chairing a hearing, CHA Consulting has the experience to advise you on all your HR needs.
 HR & IR Consulting  

Entirweni Management Services

Entirweni Management Services

Labour Broking & Payroll
Need permanent or temporary staff? EMS will find suitable candidates, as well as offering full outsourcing and payroll solutions. Management Services

Debt Smart

Debt SmartDebt Counselling
In debt and don't know where to turn? Debt Smart will help you restructure your debt, and negotiate affordable repayments with your creditors.

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