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DebtSmart - Registered Debt Counsellors in South Africa

DebtSmart is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) as well as the Debt Counsellors Association  of South Africa (DCSA). If you are over-indebted DebtSmart can assist you through the regulated debt counselling process.

DebtSmart will restructure your debts and  negotiate a more affordable repayment plan with your creditors. There are no restrictions on who can use debt counselling and anyone can apply to a debt counsellor for debt review.

With Debt Counselling you don't have to lose your house or your car through illegal or irresponsible repossessions. You also don't have to lose your financial reputation by being sequestrated! Register on the Debt Counselling Program through a registered Debt Counsellor such as DebtSmart and you are one step closer to becoming debt free.

The first step in helping you with your debt problems is to understand if you are over-indebted - i.e. you are unable to sustainably pay your creditors, because your monthly expenses exceed your income. Contact DebtSmart  today and make a positive step towards resolving your debt problems.

DebtSmart Services

DebtSmart can help with the following types of personal debts:

  • Store card debt
  • Credit card debt
  • Personal loans
  • Bank overdrafts
  • Hire purchase
  • Bond installments
  • Vehicle finance

EXCLUDES: services agreements such as water and light or levies; as well as any accounts in which judgement or legal action has already been instituted.

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