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Labour Broking in South Africa

Labour broking is a form of outsourcing practiced in South Africa where companies contract labour brokers like Entirweni Management Services (EMS) to provide them with casual labour. Labour brokers can be distinguished from recruitment agencies in that recruitment agencies are only responsible for sourcing candidates for employment, and labour brokers handle almost all aspects of the worker's employment (including interviews, recruitment, HR, admin, payroll, transport, etc.).

Why use EMS as your Labour Broker

  • The costs of complying with employment laws are high, as are the costs of the direct administration of employees. Companies save money by using the EMS labour broking service, as we have the infrastructure and experience to manage this compliance.
  • EMS labour brokers have a pool of specialist employees who can be brought in on short notice, circumventing the hiring process which usually takes at least a month.
  • EMS labour brokers place both temporary and permanent employees. Placements are guaranteed for 3 months.
  • EMS labour brokers offer a full outsourcing service, including payroll.

EMS labour brokers have a reputation for finding and placing suitable candidates and ensuring that payroll requirements are handled efficiently and accurately. Contact EMS today!

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