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Payroll and Accounting Services for Small to Medium Sized Business in South Africa

Renumeration paid to staff (and the associated accounting activity) is a complex administrative process. Income tax, Fringe benefits, Pension Contributions, Medical Aid, UIF and numerous calculations have to be considered. In addition, changing legislation adds to the complexity of managing your own payroll.

This is the main reason that companies often decide to outsource their payroll function. Outsourcing your payroll will provide you with a cost effective alternative to hiring a full time employee and take away the payroll headache! In addition, the team at CHA Group can assist with other Human Resources needs and ensure you remain complaint with legislation.

Why Outsource your Payroll to EMS?

  • You do not need to invest in and maintain specialist payroll software. You do not need to purchase payroll stationery. You do not need to recruit, train & pay for specialist staff. Bottom line - you save money!
  • Payroll mistakes can be painful, angering your employees. EMS has extensive experience and is far less likely to make a serious error than your in-house staff.
  • You can manage and grow your business, and not get bogged down in keeping up-to-date with payroll legislation or payroll complaints.
  • You will have access to CHA Consulting to help you with other HR needs such as skills development, employment equity and labour relations.

EMS have a reputation for ensuring that payroll requirements are handled efficiently and accurately. Contact EMS today!

Payroll Bureau Services

  • Certified Pastel consultants
  • Consulting on all payroll program issues
  • Assistance with payroll queries
  • Report writing
  • Installation & setup of your payroll package
  • Trouble shooting of payroll software issues
  • Retail and upgrades of all payroll packages
  • Conversion of existing payroll information to Pastel
  • Special client-need customisations
  • Create clients on Pastel
  • Capture existing and new employees data
  • Work out salary structures
  • Receive time sheets or salary schedules
  • Process salary information (weekly, bi-weekly and monthly)
  • Double check client that all information is processed
  • Print secure pay slips
  • Load payments on bank and/or print cheques and/or work out coinage for cash wages
  • Wage queries and adjustments
  • SARS registrations
  • Submission to SARS (PAYE, UIF, SDL)
  • Submission to any Bargaining Council (provident fund, levies, holiday bonuses, annual leave, sick leave)
  • Submissions for provident and/or pension funds to private brokers
  • Keep up-to-date with legislation changes
  • Integrate salaries into Pastel Accounting
  • All salary reports and analysis
  • Generate IRP5 documents
  • Submission of IRP501 to SARS
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